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Submitted by Sharon Hartzell Smith

From the Independent Journal unknown date

Arnauldt Branch School Circa 1900.
This turn of the Century photo of Arnauldt Branch School was loaned for publication by John Boyer. Identification as furnished included, front row, from left, Clarence Boyer, Sada Boyer, Albert Battreal, Lawrence Politte, Sada Battreal, Floyd Lynch, Edward Ben Boyer, Tom Battreal, Joe Boyer, Francis Thebeau and Edward D. Boyer; middle row from left, Alice Boyer, Minnie Thebeau, Sophie DeClue, Bridget Busch, Ida Thebeau, Rose Battreal, Daisy Busch, Fannie Politte, Nora Boyer, Robert Battreal, James DeClue, Ed Carter, and Mike Boyer and back row from left, Frank Thebeau, Tom Flynn, Loyd Lynch, Tom Busch and standing in the door of the school a renowned teacher of the early 1900's in our area Miss Lettie Parmeley.

Submitted by Sharon Hartzell Smith

I have an old yearbook from Cadet, Mo. Public Schools with names of the students that my grandmother, Ella Josephine Nephew Hartzell Boyer Dunlap gave me years ago. My aunt and uncle are Oscar and Myrtle Hartzell.

On the outside is a picture of a man, perhaps the teacher. The size is like a 3 x 5 index card with the names of pupils, and some poems in the back.

The book goes like this:

Outside cover has man's picture.

Public School Souvenir 1915

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail"

Next page:

"This little token I present, To you, my youthful friend,
In mem'ry of school days spent, In term we now do end"

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Cadet Public School, District No. 34, Union Township, Washington Co., Mo.
John W. Smith, Teacher

School Officers

T. C. Long, Pres.
C. A. Young, Sec.
J. S. Burton, Treas.

Pupils 1st Grade

Flora Alderson Gussie Laporte
Melvin Politte Archa Rhoderick
Roy Wilkerson Johnnie Hohl
Rudolph Goff Bertie Goff
Howard DeGonia Elliot Alderson
Anna Hohl Dorothy Bouchard
Williard Bouchard   Edward Govero
Frank Coleman William Richardson
Vergie Portell Vernie Portell
Odile Aubuchon Gracie Jolly
Cynthia Portell Goldie Laporte
Clifford Politte Joplin Frang

Pupils 2nd Grade

Theresa Coleman   Eve Parkins
Daphnia Politte Winfield Young
Raymond Reando Henry Christopher

Pupils 3rd Grade

Erivin DeGonia   Harold Boyer
Hardy Hall Myrtle Hartzell
Ada Portell Ruth Richardson

No 4th grade

Pupils 5th and 6th Grade

Myrtle Bouchard Genevieve Coleman
Dora Govero Lattie Jolly
Oscar Hartzell Adella Politte
Estella Politte Cinda Portell
Bermetta Young Herman Portell
Bessie Richardson Margrette Aubuchon
Genevieve Bouchard   Earl Jolly
Pearl DeGonia Miriam Alderson
Norman Boyer Francis Trokey
Edith Schwaegerle John DeGonia
Lenis Trokey

Pupils, 7th and 8th Grade

Della Young Lillie Self
Lorena Boyer Pauline Alderson
Love Parkins Minnie Self
Dell Richardson   Edwin Parkins
Joe Portell


Vacation Days

"Tis sweet to know there comes a rest. To those who labor hard.
That toil is sweetened with a zest. Because of it's reward.
Our youth's the seedtime when we sow. The seed in virgin mold.
That future harvests may o'erflow In fruit a hundred fold.
here is no excellence in life. No heights we can attain.
Unless we struggle in the strife. Resolved the prize to gain.
And then the mind will be refined In crucible of yore.
And more and more will be inclined On higher wings to soar.
This workshop call'd a school we now, A little while suspend.
To give its workers time somehow, Vacations path to wend.
Our school is closed, our tasks are done. Farewell, my pupils dear;
I'll you remember, ev'ry one, Tho absent, far or near.

Your Teacher

Tree of Education

A mighty Tree of Giant Strength
With Branches fixed so low.
That all may grasp its lower limbs.
Was planted years ago.
'Twas planted by Almighty Power,
With Purpose most sublime,
It's Praise is sung by every Tongue,
In every Land and Clime.
The Tree of Learning is the Work,
Of Nature's highest Art,
And Men and Women are but Leaves,
A very simple Part,
But thro these leaves the Tree breathes Life,
And this Empyrean Tree,
Will stand a living Monument,
Throughout Eternity.

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