St. Joachim Parish, Old Mines, Washington Co., MO.
First Communion Class - 1930

Information transcribed by Sharon Hartzell Smith

1Monica Koch      Cadet7
2Dorothy Osia      Old Mines9
3Evelyn Osia      Old Mines7
4Margaret V. Boyer      Old Mines8
5Mary Lucille Boyer      Old Mines10
6Nazarine Juliet      Racola9
7Mae Villmer      Old Mines7
8Zida Pashia      Racola7
9Margaret Portell       7
10Margaret M. Coleman       9
11Elizabeth Robart      Racola7
12Grace Torrence      Old Mines7
13Anna Louise Portell      Cadet7
14Rita Eunice Pratt       7
15Paul Coleman      Old Mines7
16Bernard Thebeau      Old Mines7
17James Bequette      Old Mines7
18Richard Boyer      Old Mines8
19Virgil Bone      Old Mines7
20Joseph Daly Robart      Racola8
21Thomas Reando      Old Mines7
1Mabel Boyer 7
2Dorothy Boyer      (Not confirmed) 7
3Mary Stella Juliet       7
4Rachel Thebeau       7
5Nelia Thebeau       12
6Lucille Portell       10
7Mary Lucille Kincaid       8
8Marie Portell       11
9Dora Pratt       8

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