David Sevier Kirkpatrick

and wife Catherine White Kirkpatrick

David Sevier Kirkpatrick (February 22, 1760--Abt. 1820/1) was the oldest son of John H. Kirkpatrick (May 1741--March 1812), a Revolutionary War volunteer in the Battle of Kings Mountain, and Jane Wilkins. John and Jane were married in Lancaster Co., PA. John H. is believed to have been the son of Hugh Kirkpatrick (ca 1697 Dumfriesshire, Scotland--1766 Chester Co PA). It is believed Hugh Immigrated from either Northern Ireland or Scotland around 1720, settling in West Nottingham Township, Chester Co. PA.

After his father's death, John H. emmigrated to Virginia, staying there a few years before moving on to the part of North Carolina that later became Eastern TN. Family tradition states that he was the first to bring a wagon over the mountains into that area. When the call went out for volunteers to help fight the British, John H. was quick to answer, and he marched with many of his neighbors to fight at the Battle of King's Mountain.

John and Jane had a total of 9 children, as follows:

1. David Sevier KIRKPATRICK b: 27 FEB 1760 in Augusta Co., Virginia
2. Marriah KIRKPATRICK b: 11 FEB 1762 in Augusta Co., Virginia
3. Hugh (Rev.) KIRKPATRICK b: 27 SEP 1763 in Augusta Co., Virginia
4. Rachel KIRKPATRICK b: 01 MAR 1765 in Augusta Co., Virginia
5. Jacob KIRKPATRICK b: 01 NOV 1771 in Augusta or Botetourt Co., Virginia
6. James (Rev.) KIRKPATRICK b: 23 AUG 1773 in Augusta Co., Virginia
7. Wilkins (Rev.) KIRKPATRICK b: 14 AUG 1775 in Augusta Co., Virginia
8. Thomas KIRKPATRICK b: 1777
9. Hannah * KIRKPATRICK b: 06 MAR 1779 in Washington Co., North Carolina

David Sevier married Catherine White, daughter of Joseph White and Janet Mebane, on October 16, 1792 in Greene Co., TN. They resided in Jefferson Co., TN . David and Catherine had 12 children, all born in Tennessee, as follows:

1. Janette "Jane" "Jennie" KIRKPATRICK b: 10 SEP 1794 in Tennessee
2. Anna KIRKPATRICK b: 31 JUL 1796 in Tennessee
3. Mary "Polly" KIRKPATRICK b: 13 MAR 1798 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee
4. Joseph KIRKPATRICK b: 11 JAN 1800 in Tennessee
5. Isabella "Ibby" KIRKPATRICK b: 05 DEC 1802 in Tennessee
7. David (Rev.) KIRKPATRICK b: 02 MAR 1806 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee
9. Elizabeth "Betsey" KIRKPATRICK b: 07 APR 1808 in Tennessee
10. Catherine KIRKPATRICK
11. Robert KIRKPATRICK b: 1812
12. Minerva Sevier KIRKPATRICK b: 04 DEC 1816 in Tennessee

Catherine and David S. Kirkpatrick set out from their home in Jefferson Co., TN sometime after around 1820, bound for Washington Co., MO. It is not clear just WHY they chose Washington County as their destination, but one can speculate it was caused by the earlier (1807) migration of many of their neighbors. The following is a newspaper account from 1939:

E. Spears McCollough, from the Knoxville Journal, Sunday Sept. 1939;

David, the oldest son of John Hugh Kirkpatrick, left E. Tennessee in 1823 for the distant State of Missouri with his wife and 12 children. He was 63 years old and he and his sons built a large flat boat on the Holston Rivers and after loading thereon their family possessions and supplies for the trip, began their journey down the river, bound for the western wilderness via the water route which included the Tennessee as well as the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. How they managed to get over Muscle Shoals (on the Tennessee River in Alabama) no man knows- probably abandoning the first boat and making their way below the Shoals and continuing on another boat. Next he is on the Ohio River At Cairo, Illinois where he died and was taken ashore and buried in the wilderness. The wife and children continued their journey on the boat and landed and settled in Washington Co. Missouri. A number of these children finally settled in the distant State of California and were pioneers of note. One hundred and thirteen years after this pioneer river journey to the west, a great-granddaughter of David Kirkpatrick, Miss Alice Kirkpatrick of Bonne Terre, Missouri, at the age of 80 reversed the route taken by her ancestor and made the boat trip back from St. Louis Missouri to Tennessee in 1936, at least as far as Wilson Dam in Alabama and visited The Kirkpatrick Estate and burial spot of her Great-Great grandfather, John Hugh Kirkpatrick.

They were accompanied by their eldest daughter, Jane or Jennie, who was already married to Robert Proffitt. They already has three children, all born in TN. Four more children were born after arriving in Missouri.

Family tradition has that David Sevier Kirkpatrick died at the juncture of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers of Malaria. Catherine and the children continued onward to Washington Co. where they settled in Concord Township. Catherine and son Joseph both appear on the 1830 Federal Census of Washington CO., MO. In 1837 Catherine purchases land from the US Government, and that is the last record we have of her. It must be assumed that she died between 1837 and 1840.

Following are the Grandchildren of David Sevier Kirkpatrick and Catherine White Kirkpatrick:

1 Janette "Jane" "Jennie" Kirkpatrick and husband David Proffitt's children:

a. David W. PROFFITT b: 13 NOV 1813 in McMinn Co., Tennessee
b. James A. PROFFITT b: 1817 in McMinn Co., Tennessee
c. Robert Smith PROFFITT b: 28 MAR 1819 in McMinn Co., Tennessee
d. Patrick N. PROFFITT b: 1821 in Missouri
e. Catherine Jane PROFFITT b: Abt 1825 in Missouri
f. Louisa Malinda PROFFITT b: Abt 1829 in Missouri
g. Mary E. PROFFITT b: in Missouri

2 Anna Kirkpatrick and first husband William Baldwin's Children:

a. John BALDWIN b: 29 MAY 1823 in Potosi, Washington, Missouri
b. Diana BALDWIN b: 1826 in Missouri

   Anna Kirkpatrick and 2nd husband James Hatch's children:

c. Julia Ann HATCH b: 1835 in Missouri
d. Joseph HATCH

3 Mary "Polly" Kirkpatrick and husband William Hughes's children:

a. Susan Angeline HUGHES b: 28 SEP 1823 in Caledonia, Washington, Missouri.
b. Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" HUGHES b: 04 AUG 1825 in Washington Co., Missouri
c. John Calvin HUGHES b: 13 MAR 1827 in Concord, Washington, Missouri
d. Valentine HUGHES b: 14 FEB 1829 in Washington Co., Missouri
e. William "Billy" HUGHES b: 12 OCT 1831 in Washington Co., Missouri d: Oct 1831

4 Joseph Kirkpatrick and wife Martha Ross's children:

b. Catherine J. KIRKPATRICK b: Abt 1824 in Missouri
c. Amanda Ann KIRKPATRICK b: Abt 1826 in Missouri
e. Joseph ,Jr. KIRKPATRICK
g. David KIRKPATRICK b: Abt 1831 in Missouri

5 Isabella "Ibby" Kirkpatrick and husband John Duff's children:

a. James DUFF
b. William DUFF
c. Ann DUFF
d. Mary Jane DUFF b: Abt 1833 in Missouri
e. Sarah DUFF
f. Virginia "Jennie" DUFF b: Abt 1839 in Missouri

6 Hugh Kirkpatrick (Little to nothing is known about Hugh Kirkpatrick)

7 Rev. David Kirkpatrick and wife Nancy Campbell's children:

a. James M. KIRKPATRICK b: 1833 in Missouri
b. William Robert KIRKPATRICK b: 22 JUN 1835 in Missouri
c. Margaret E. KIRKPATRICK b: 1837 in Missouri
d. David Harrison KIRKPATRICK b: 1840 in Missouri
e. Catherine KIRKPATRICK b: 1842 in Missouri
f. John H. KIRKPATRICK b: 1845 in Missouri
g. Martin L. KIRKPATRICK b: 1849 in Missouri
h. Mary Ellen KIRKPATRICK b: 1853 in Missouri

8 James Kirkpatrick (Little to nothing is known about James Kirkpatrick)

9 Elizabeth "Betsey" Kirkpatrick and husband John "Jack" James Dinwiddie's children:
a. Columbus Barton DINWIDDIE b: 26 JUL 1835 in Missouri
b. Sarah Catherine DINWIDDIE b: 07 MAR 1837 in Washington Co., Missouri
c. Frank J. DINWIDDIE b: 1839 in Washington Co., Missouri
d. William Henry Harrison DINWIDDIE b: 08 NOV 1840 in Washington Co., Missouri
e. James W. DINWIDDIE b: 1843 in Washington Co., Missouri
f. Frances J. DINWIDDIE b: 1848 in Washington Co., Missouri
g. Alexander "Alex" Selkirk DINWIDDIE b: 1849 in Washington Co., Missouri

10 Catherine KIRKPATRICK (Little to nothing is known about Catherine Kirkpatrick)

11 Robert KIRKPATRICK b: 1812 (Little to nothing is known about Robert Kirkpatrick)

12 Minerva Sevier Kirkpatrick and husband Jeremiah Friel's children:
a. Randolph FREIL
b. Alice J. FREIL b: 03 JUL 1850 in Yolo Co., California
c. Anne E. FREIL b: 09 JUN 1856 in California
d. Le Grand FREIL b: 03 DEC 1859 in California
e. Charles FREIL b: 1861 in California

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