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Submitted by Sharon Hartzell Smith

In the Independent Journal, Dec. 28, 1995 was a picture, 5 x 9 that was loaned by Ethel L. (Lollar) Eye, and an article that read:

C-5 Hochstatter School Group 1934-1935. This 1934-1935 photo is in memoriam and appreciation to the World War II Veterans and good citizens who attended Hochstatter School. The year 1934 was a time of drought and great curtains of dust were carried by the wind across much of the United States to the Atlantic Ocean. Most of these boys served in World War II and are worthy of remembrance in this 50th anniversary year. Pictured are: Back row, left to right, Marvin Joseph Hochstatter (12/12/1921-10/17/1980) served WW II; Medford Robert Maness (3/30/1919-4/13/1986) served WW II; Glenwood Eaton (7/6/1920-)enlisted-served WW II; Eugene League Cresswell (9/23/1921-9/4/1967) served WW II; Miss Velma Brewen, teacher for three years 1932-1935 married Albert Denton; Henry Amos Coleman (4/25/1922-9/1/1985); Nettie Pearl Maness-Harlan(3/26/1921-7/1/1994); Clara Mae Cresswell-Bobbett (12/6/1919-8/29/1983) and Benjamin Finis Coleman, served WW II; Middle row: Jesse Russell Cresswell(4/5/1923-10/12/1940); Chester Lawson; (third pupil, unidentified for sure); Roy Stanley Coleman (4/5/1925-9-12-1985) served WW II; Floyd Benjamin Lindsey, Jr. served WW II, Helen Hochstatter-Gillispie and Sarah Fern Cresswell-Colemanand seated in front row: Francis Joseph Skiles; (Pupils two and three unidentified); Eldo Warren Lindsey-served in Navy in WW II, Walter Ray Coleman-served WW II and Alice Frances Cresswell-Taylor (8/3/1926-10/26/1922).

Correction: The Independent Journal, December 14, 1995, page 10A-Photo of 1929-1930 Hochstatter School Group, second column, after "Rose MarySkiles-Hochstatter" line 6 should read: Edward Clarence Skiles(11/6/1915-3/17/1994) served WW II, Rose Mary Skiles married Thurman Hochstatter in May 1936 and they are hoping to celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary in 1996.

(On Alice Taylor the article says she was b 1926 and d 1922. This has to be wrong. I knew Alice and she died a few years back, perhaps 1992. I don't have the article where it mentions the correction above).

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