Washington County Tidbits 1860-69

Tidbits are newspaper articles, etc. which mention names, places, and other information possibly useful to the researcher.

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Submitted by Christine Lembeck

Sacramento Daily Union, March 7, 1861

Wildman, who was stabbed last evening by R. W. Brashers, died this afternoon at half-past five o'clock. Wildman was a single man, formerly from Washington County, Missouri. Brashers has a family residing here. He awaits his examination, which will take place this evening. They have been partners in business all winter and living together in the same house. Last evening, it seems that Mrs. Brashers ordered Wildman out of the house. He went out and turned to go back, when Brashers drew a knife and threatened if he came in he would kill him. Upon which Wildman picked up a stick and struck, when Brashers ran out and stabbed him.
Submitted by Christine Lembeck

Daily Alta California, July 7, 1864

Andrew Laypole, alias Isidore Leopold, a convicted spy and guerrilla, has been hanged at Fort McHenry. He asserted his innocence on the scaffold, and said he forgave those having to do with his death. Laypole was born in Washington County, Missouri, in 1841.
Submitted by Thomas Fea

The Lincoln County Herald, June 10, 1869

State Items: Samuel Thomas, a white man and Ben Frissell, a negro boy, were arrested in St. Louis on the 28th ult., having in their possession a pair of valuable horses stolen from Mr. Wm. Shultz of Potosi, Washington county. On being taken back they came near being hanged by a mob, first at Irondale, and then at Mineral Point. The Deputy Sheriff in charge of them, had to lay out all night with his prisoners in order to escape the mob and get them to Potosi in safety.
Submitted by Christine Lembeck

The Nashville Union and American - December 31, 1869

A boy named Webb, 13 years old, while assisting his father to dress some hogs, near Potosi, Missouri, on the 11th instant, fell backward into a tub of scalding water and died a few hours later.
Note: "instant" or "inst." means "last" or "the most recent" - Ed.

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