Washington County Tidbits 1840-49

Tidbits are newspaper articles, etc. which mention names, places, and other information possibly useful to the researcher.

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Submitted by Thomas Fea

Democratic Banner, February 21, 1848.

The Miner's Prospect published in Washington Co., gives an account of a regular set-to in Potosi, the other day, between a man named Silvers, and a bear weighing 300 lbs. It was a first fight, rough and tumble. The Bear was placed in a room and unchained, when his daring antagonist, dressed from head to foot in buck skin, met him, and after a sever struggle, in which the man was slightly wounded, Bruin fairly turned tail, (though, by the way, he hadn't much left of that,) and the spectators acknowledged the powerful animal conquered. Silvers has challenged the bear for a second trial, and large bets are already made.

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