St. James Church
Washington County, MO
Various Marriage Records, 1827 - 1904

April 2, 1827 Louis LORD and Hyacinthe PLACETTE
April 2, 1827 Jean LORD and Marie Terese BLAIS
April 2, 1827 Amos BIRON and Elizabeth PLACETTE
April 4, 1827 Joseph ARCHAMBEAU and Catherine TORRIQUE
May 21, 1827 Augustin MARAIS s/o Collet and Modeste Le Maitre, age 23 with Cecile DEGAGNE, d/o Jacques and Elizabeth Courtineau, age 25
November 27, 1827 Ezikias BLANKENSHIP and Rosana F. RILEY, d/o Francis and Elizabeth Donnelly
"they had already been united according to the forms of the law before the civil judge"
March 17, 1828 James PATTERSON, servant of Daniel Dunklin, s/o Ignatius _______, slaves of W. Wilkenson with Charlote, slave of P. Smith
May 27, 1833 Louis LORE, s/o Peter Lore and Celeste Toquet with Maxine BLAIS, d/o Joseph and Lucile Dabot (Thibeau)
May 28, 1833 Eugene O'MARA, s/o Eugene and Mary Higgins with Teresia TANGEE, d/o Joseph and Marie Jane Politte
October 13, 1833 Francis GRENIER, s/o Francis and Charlotte Tafor (?) with Placide BEQUETTE, d/o Charles and Helen Michaud (Placet)
September 8, 1853 Elisha BOYER, s/o Charles and Julian Misplais with Mary LORE, d/o John and Terese Lore
(note: contracting parties signed Elisha Boyer and Julian Lore)
September 10, 1853 James A. McCALLIN, s/o Robert and Catherine Lafferty with Margarette MURPHY, d/o Daniel and Mary Enright
January 3, 1876 William BRYANT, a non-Catholic, s/o Benjamin and Rachael Rutledge with Anne WHITLEY, d/o John and Elizabeth Roussin
May 24, 1876 Ambrose DEGONIA, s/o John B. and Mary Jolly, with Mary LAMER, d/o Collin and Mary Boyer
1880 Andre SKAGGS, s/o James and Sarah Cane with Mary WAROCHAK, d/o Andrew and Mary Pilleke
July 1, 1880 James McCARRON, s/o William and Rose Gibons with Sarah FEENEY, d/o Martin and Mary Morrison
August 8, 1880 Joseph DEGONIA, s/o Alexis and Marcelite Duclos with Mary LACHANCE, d/o Louis and Elizabeth Brown
September 23, 1880 Robert DEGONIA, s/o Peter and Terese Polite with Bridget DEGONIA, d/o Baptiste and Mary Bovine
September 23, 1880 Lane PARMLEY, s/o Hiram and Nancy Lane with Margaret DECLUE, d/o Charles and Mary Brown
October 21, 1880 Jules BOYER, s/o Andrew and Sarah TANGUE with Ellen DEGONIA, d/o Baptiste and Mary Bovine
November 3, 1880 John POLITE, s/o Frank and Celia Govereau with Margaret DUCLOS, d/o Anthony and Martha Summers
September 25, 1881 Joseph BEAUVAIS, s/o Joseph and Mary Ann Hays with Mary Louise DEGONIA, d/o Alexander and Martha Duclos
November 22, 1881 Theodore SHAFER and Maggie STEINMETZ
August 18, 1883 Frank DEGAGNE (DEGONIA), s/o John Baptiste and Mary Laroche with Eliza LaChance, d/o Louis and Elisabeth Brown
(the parties were married privately by order of the Bishop who was present at the Old Mines and who spoke with them. They having been previously married before the squire)
September 9, 1883 Joseph BONE, s/o Joseph and Therese Polite with Lavinia BOYER, d/o Thomas and Sophie Boyer
April 15, 1885 Charles PORTEL, s/o Sylvester and Sarah Gardiner with Ellen O'BRIEN, d/o John and Jane Jordan
April 21, 1885 Napoleon AUBUCHON, s/o Francis Timothy and Julia Gozey with Mary BOAT, d/o Francis BOAT and Lavern E___duff
July 16, 1885 John COLEMAN, s/o Lee and Elizabeth Boyer with Rosine TROKEE, d/o Paul and _______________
July 21, 1889 Amada TROKEE (TROQUE), s/o James and Jennie Politte with Mary Jane WOOD, d/o Alexander and Nancey Grundie (?)
September 16, 1889 Charles O. BOYER, s/o Louis C. And Anne Traedo (?) with Mary C. RICHARDSON, d/o J. C. And Rose Boyer
October 13, 1889 Cyprian DEGONIA and Ellen MORAL
"married by squire"
October 29, 1889 Thomas DEE, s/o James and Mary Ahuan with Amanda E. WHITE, a non-Catholic, d/o Elisiah White and Martha Ritter
"married at DeLassus, St. Francois County, MO"
January 8, 1890 Charles PORTELL, s/o Sylvester and Sara Gardiner with Anne PUCKETT, a non-Catholic, d/o James and Fannie Retledge
May 4, 1890 Frank LACHANCE, s/o Joseph and Mary Boyer with Eliza POLITE, d/o Julius and Mary Boyer
June 19, 1890 Lucian POLITE, s/o Charles and Rose Tibeau with Lottie GLORE, a non-Catholic, d/o William and Charlotte Mosin (?)
July 29, 1896 Thomas Edward RICHARD, s/o E. Richard and _________ Davis with Minnie J. COLE, d/o Andrew and Mary ________
August 9, 1896 John DEGAGNE (DEGONIA), s/o Antoine and Rose Bone with Mary LaChance, d/o Paul and Elivina Boyer
February 21, 1903 Joseph P. DILLON, s/o Owen and Rita McTigh with Julia FITZGERALD, d/o Gerald and Jane O'Leary
June 17, 1903 Moses TIGLER, s/o H.M. and Catherine Koffman with Bridget O'HANLON, d/o John and Anne Rooney
August 4, 1903 Joseph DEGONIA, s/o Jules and Mary Dean with Lida (?) TROKEY, d/o Joseph and Alice Coleman
August 10, 1903 Joseph TROKEY and Mary BARRON (nee MCPHEE)
August 25, 1903 Frank TROKEY, s/o Gus and Mary Boyer with Agnes DEGONIA, d/o Jules and Mary Dean
October 26, 1903 Thompson CASEY, s/o Joseph and Lizzie Casey with Josephine SLUMINS
January 1, 1904 Henry JOLLIN, s/o Leon and Minerva Morrell (?) with Mary BOYER, d/o Jules and Hellen (or Ellen) Degonia
February 3, 1904 Joseph M. RICHARDSON, s/o John and Philomina Boyer with Rose SULLIVAN, d/o Charles and Adaline Trokey
May 18, 1904 Joseph A. POLITTE, s/o John and Emogene (?) Boyer with Emma Boyer, d/o John A. and Lucy Lour (or Lore?)
August 18, 1904 Henry DECLUE, s/o Ben and C. Declue, with Mary DEGONIA, d/o Robert and B. Degonia

This material was transcribed by Christine Lembeck Armbruster. Christine, please accept our sincere thanks for this!

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